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Thank You, June 2024

I just wanted to let you know you know thank you so much for the books and the gift card. I appreciate you and your foundation! You all are so kind and sweet. I appreciate all of what all you have done for me! –Melissa 

I Saw Your Van in a Mess of Traffic, February 2022

I was exploring the town Winter Haven located here in central Florida. Grabbed myself a iced coffee from a nearby cafe. Nothing like a cup of coffee to get your mornings going. I drove by lake Howard and admired the beauty. A feeling started to dawn on me. My father loved lakes and he religiously would go for walks by them. He always said hello to passer’s-by. He loved conversation and learning about another persons history. His openness and inviting presence is truly missed and this morning it hit me a little extra. I started to drive out of Winter Haven and back home. A little teary eyed, I was honest with myself and said “damn I miss him”. What about another phone call? What about another hug? What about another I love you? A missing piece I could never puzzle back. I’m on the good old i4 headed to Orlando and I saw what looked like a nice camper van. It was olive green, one of my favorite colors. This van also had a cool star logo on it and a colorful sock monkey on the back. Nearby the sock monkey it read “DREAMS from DRAKE”. I’m observant and curious. Not supposed to do this in traffic but I’ll tattletale on myself. I googled them and my tears started to come back. I’m truly delighted to have found out about you guys. That hope I needed was right there in the mess of traffic. I needed that reminder that I wasn’t alone. A lot of the times it feels that way losing my father when I was only 22. I know there are many very similar to me. We are not alone. And I too, hope you find this camper van in traffic someday when you’re feeling down about the loss of a loved one and you find a community that shares a similar heartache, full of support. — Ameera Nabut

My Son’s Experience With Camp Dreams, July 2014

My son had the opportunity to join a bereavement camp for children. My son’s situation is somewhat unique in experiencing this loss, and peers unfortunately may not be able to empathize, or even understand his grief and situation. Every person grieves differently, including children. When Dadda was in the ICU and then after he passed away, my son would have dreams that I left him or forgot him somewhere. His memories of Dadda pop up in daily activities. He cries more easily, can be whiny, and clings to my side.

Children are not necessarily resilient and I do not think we should expect them to be. Children may act differently and live more in the moment than adults, causing others to think they are “okay”. Children have experienced losses that sometimes they cannot verbally express. While I lost a spouse, my son lost a Father, a hero. This camp gave children the opportunity to express themselves through art therapy, music therapy, healing circles, and yoga. My son loved the music therapy the best, banging out emotion on drums, remembering his musical Dadda. I am thankful that this camp showed these children that they are not forgotten, allowing them to grieve and talk about their emotions and loved ones. No one has to be strong or resilient. No one has to hide away emotions. — Lisa

Thank You – From Another Grieving Parent, January 2014

You and your family have taken a tragedy, and changed it to a wonderful gift for others! God has truly blessed you and your family, in the ability to do so, I only wish I could have donated some of my son’s organs, but it wasn’t God’s plan. Till we meet our son’s again, may God hold and love you and give you strength also, and your husband and children, there will be good days and bad, but the memories will carry us on till then! Love from my family to yours. — Evelyn Church.

A Poem for My Brother Drake, August 2013

Drake my true treasure.
The one that always puts a smile on my face.
He’s the angel that always watches over me.

by Trevor Pettit (Drake’s older brother)