“Healing Circles” is a monthly support group specifically for children/teens who have lost a sibling or parent. Each event is centered on a therapeutic activity led by a licensed professional who provides children with the opportunity to engage in healthy activities and helpful discussions about their lost loved one.

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The Details

Location: Nu Movement Yoga, 716 University Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

Date: Sunday, April 21 at 2pm

Includes: Join us for Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an evidence-based support that can help children and teens who have experienced loss and other forms of trauma, reconnect and reintegrate mentally, physically, and emotionally, thereby bridging the gap between living in past trauma and living in the present.

In a trauma sensitive yoga class, verbal guidance such as ‘you are welcome to find your own expression of a triangle form’ or ‘feel free to explore how you would like to place your arms today’ are common as facilitators share power with children.

These invitations could allow children to develop their self expression and confidence. Further as all adults in the room are practicing together with the children forming a shared authentic experience, this relationship of doing something together instead of ‘doing and I am watching’ could form the basis of trust and nurture in relationships.


If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Cost: Nothing. All Healing Circles are courtesy of Dreams from Drake.

May’s Healing Circle
When: Sunday, May 19
Where: Seneca Park Zoo
2222 St Paul St, Rochester, NY 14621
Time: Starting at 10:00am
June’s Healing Circle

Red Wings Game

When: Sunday, June 2nd
Where: Innovative Field
One Morrie Silver Way, Rochester, NY 14608
Time: Starting at 1:00pm

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